CEO & Data Scientist Pouyan R. Fard, what is the connection between legal tech and data science? [eng.]

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In our 5th episode we talk to CEO @ Data Science Circle & Chief Data Scientist Pouyan R. Fard about the connection between Legal Tech, Data Science and AI.

Which syntheses and fields of application could emerge? Should lawyers get involved with data science? Do we have false expectations on AI regarding Legal Tech?


1:20 – What is data science, actually?

3:30 – Data Science and Legal Tech?

6:15 – What are the requirements for a law firm ?

9:00 – Data Literacy, Data Infrastructur and law firms  

13:45 – What is Legal Tech for you?

17:00 – Lawyer or Data Scientist?

Moderation: Nima Oshnooei

Redaktionelle Unterstützung: Suheel El-Haj